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We are very friendly and hope that dogs and owners enjoy their training. Dogs do work better if they are enjoying it.

I hold puppy classes on Thursday evening at 6.00pm-7.00pm, 7.00pm-8.00pm and Friday 6.30pm-7.30pm. The club uses the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and you can find further information on the Kennel Club Scheme by going to the Kennel Club website and selecting the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. On starting with us you will be given a pack which contains a Canine Code booklet, a Responsibility and Care sheet and a Puppy Foundation Course sheet. These sheets are designed to give you a basic knowledge of the Law concerning dogs, a dogs needs, health and the wellbeing of a dog. The puppy Foundation sheet will outline all the exercises you will be taught to gain your Puppy Foundation Award. Exercises included, amongst others, are to walk on a lead in an acceptable manner, to sit, lie down, to return to you when off the lead. To allow a person to examine the dog. To take food or toys from the dog. You will also be taught how to get your dogs attention. Your dog will also get used to being in the company of other dogs and people.

Socialisation is very important part of the puppy training. Very often if a pup is not socialised it will become scared and this can show up as aggressiveness towards other dogs or people. It is important that as a pup your dog gets used to everyday sights and sounds. Traffic, schools coming out, thunder, fireworks, road works and the noise of the machinery. If your dog is hesitant or scared reassurance is what is required and we will teach you how to go about that.

Once your have attained the Foundation, for this you will receive a certificate and a rosette, you can carry on your training to get the Bronze Award. Slightly more difficult but you and your dog can do it. You can then progress to gain both Silver and Gold awards. It is not competitive as dogs and handlers learn at different paces.

Intermediate classes are held on Thursday evening at 8.00pm-9.00pm. This is a progressive class and is where most dogs gain their Bronze Award.

Advanced Classes are held on Friday evening at 7.30pm-9pm. Dogs attending this class usually go on for the Silver and Gold Awards.

During the summer months we will be able to train outside as we are fully fenced.

Also in summer we do Agility, weather permitting. (Agility is where dogs jump fences, run through tunnels and weave through poles in a controlled manner). This is held on a Friday evening but only dogs of 12 months and over are allowed on the equipment as up until that age it is unwise to have dogs whose joints and bones have not fully formed put under to much stress. Also dogs have to have attained a certain level of obedience as most of it is done off the lead and control of the dog is paramount. It is good fun, the dogs love it and so do the handlers. It helps to build on the trust your dog has in you and improves control.