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V Williamson

"Having had to retire early because of bad health and the loss of my 2 labs Sam and Saffi, I began to become exetremly depressed. I felt I was to old to be mathered with a new dog with allot of work the idea of a puppy was just to much. Nobody wanted an older dog but I thought housetrained, walk on the lead, and an easy life. I agreed to look at pups and blow me down there was this scruffy, quiet pup sat looking at me in a place I would rather not be. He had warm ears, warm nose and runny eyes and I fell in love with him. Knowing labradors I knew that I would have to train him because if you don't they are a nightmare, they pull and are very stubborn minded of their own. I had tried other classes, with my other two but found them to be too big and impersonnel but as I spoke to Joy I could tell this one was going to be different, and different it is.

I have been going now for over 12 months and am again enjoying life. I have made friends, have learnt so much more about dogs of all types and have become my old self again. The group is a lovely bunch of people and we all share in one and anothers experiences both dog related and personal. I now walk my dog daily and meet people, I take my dog shopping and will stop and talk to anyone, all this gained from the experience of Flixton dog training club. Oh and my dog oscar is the best behaved labrador that l have ever had."


A Brundrett & E Wright

"We take our two dogs, Kobi and Patch to lessons on a Friday evening. We have picked up great training techniques and have also been training for the kennel club good citizen awards. The training has helped us to control them allot easier on and off the lead.

Kobi is a very bouncy yet friendly Labrador, currently 2 and a half and he likes to show he is. He is easily distracted so we need to be in full control.

Patch our first dog is 6, he likes to know himself as the boss, but he does know that we are in control. Being the older dog he is not necessary the easiest to training as he is set in his ways. He is a cross collie and we got him from a dogs home when he was 6 months old.

The first year or so with each of the dogs was a challenge at times but all worth the work, they give back more when you give them more.

The club has been very friendly and there is always a good laugh in between the work."


J Irons

"I have attended Fixton Dog Training Club for almost three years.

I bring both of my dogs and have successfully progressed from puppy class on a Thursday through to the adult class on a Friday. Ben is a high-powered, nutty as a fruit cake, bouncy, manic labradoodle, who at three years old is only just beginning to calm down.

Through the FDTC I have learned how to handle him and employ strategies to deal with his madness and difficult teenage months! He is now emerging from the dark side into a well rounded, obedient family pet.

My younger dog Max, has been attending classes for over a year and thoroughly enjoys the challenges and mental stimulation he receives. I am looking forward to the Summer months as my little 'performer' will adore the agility classes.

I enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere and the weekly laughs. I know my dogs love it from the way they drag me to the door every week."


Anne Price

"Mildred my Mum fell at the top of the stairs while everyone was downstairs. She shouted but no one could hear her except Alfie the collie X.

He ran upstairs and started to make a howl /whine noise and ran back down stairs to the family then ran back again and howled again.

This is not the kind of thing that Alfie usually does, so I ran up stairs and Alfie was sat next to Mum. We got her up and she was fine afterwards.

Mildred will be 99 on Boxing Day (2011).

This picture was taken just before her Granddaughter got married this August."