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Sorry we have just been to busy to keep this page updated as we are running a lot of classes each week now. To keep to date check in with Joy each week at the club or follow us on Facebook

Dog First Aid Training Course - Saturday 8th October 2011

9.30am to 12.30pm

Would you like to practice dog firat aid easily and effectively?
Would you like to learn up-to-date veterinary first aid techniques? Would you like to become a better prepared dog owner?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions then this Animal Aiders training course is for YOU.

An Animal Aiders First Aid Course offers YOU:

Up-to-date techniques tought by a Veterinary Professional
High quality replica dogs to practice bandaging on
A resusci-dog to practice canine CPR
Samples of first aid equipment to practice with
Comprehensive course booklet to take home
Certificate of Attendance

AND this course aims to support the kennel Club Accreditaion Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (Module A2 element vi). Course last approx 3 hours.

To Book Call Joy on 01204 411 247

Location Flixton Dog training Club, the Scout Hut, Woodsend Cresent Road, Flixton, Manchester, M41 8AD.

Course Details click here 


Christmas Party 2011 - date to be confirmed

Each year we have a Christmas Party.

It consists of a small show with Pedigree; Cross bred and rescue dog classes. Also we have novelty classes including a fancy dress. We bring in an outside judge.
Yes we have a raffle and then some food. Everyone is welcome and it is a good family night.

Friday 15th April 2011. 7.00 pm.

Full details for the night now available, click here for full details

We are having a Charity night to raise funds for Injured Fire fighters. Mike Dewar from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue is bringing along three of his Fire Dogs.

Echo (this is the dog that went out to the Haiti earthquake and searched out a two year old girl from under the rubble) and Anna, both are search and recue. Lucy is also coming along; she is used to search for accelerants that have been used in a fire. Mike will give us a talk on the dogs and some slides. He will then bring in the dogs along with some of the equipment they use. We will see a demonstration of what these dogs can do. Guess we will have to have a raffle to bump up what we give to these fire fighters. I am looking for raffle prizes. Anyone know anyone who owns a restaurant? Would be nice if we could get a meal for two as a prize! Just in the planning stage but will probably have refreshments, got to keep Val busy or she will get into mischief.

Let’s hope there is no major disaster or fire that night. More information shortly.


Well Done to All for the Guild Dog Blind Drive, rasing £322.00

Just to say a big thank you to all who sponsored us on the Guide Dog BLIND DRIVE. We raised £322.00. A big thank you to Jayke Ridge, Val Williamson, Ben Williamson and Joy Thornton who did the drive. Taking the trust of the instructor as they guide you around a race track, the claws they where blind folded. (I heard it was the quitest Val had ever been).

They will be running it again next year so if you fancy ago let us know (email us at children from 14 years can have a go. It is held on the Three Sisters Race Track, near Wigan and the cars are provided by BSM.

The driving instructors deserved a medal and everyone helping to support the event. Thanks again to all of you.

Article from The Bolton News click here to read

Jayke Ridge from Flixton Dog Training Club and his friend Cameron Hudson came to the rescue of a Collapsed Mum in the Street.

We take great pride in our club member Jayke Ridge and his friend Cameron Hudson for the quick thinking and helpfulness as Anita Kieron collapsed in the street with her two children.

Read the full story here from the 24th August 2011, Stretford & Urmston Advertiser.


Class times for April and May Bank Holiday Weekends.

Thursday 27th April 2011

Puppies - 7pm to 8pm
Intermadiate and Advanced Class 8pm to 9pm

Friday 28th April 2011

Class moved to Thursday 27th April

Thursday 5th May 2011

Classes moved to Friday 6th May

Friday 6th May 2011

Puppies - 7pm to 8pm
Intermediate and Advanced - 8pm to 9pm

A Big Thank You from Flixton Dog Training Club - April 2011

As you are aware the night was organised to allow us to learn about how these dogs are trained, just what role they perform in large disasters and also everyday fire fighting. We are pleased to let you know that thanks to your kind donation of a prize we raised £260.00 for the Injured Fire Fighters Charity.

Thank you for your help to raise this sum of money for this worthwhile Charity. I am amazed at this time, when everyone is suffering from cut backs just how kind and generous the businesses and people from the local area has been.

Joy Thornton

Gundog Working Training Demonstration - February 2011

We do have our events and recently we were out watching a Gundog Working Training Demonstration. The demonstration was taken by Kevin Jackson and Brendon Kelly. Both compete at top level. They brought along puppies and we were instructed on the basic training and later they brought out dogs of all levels and put them through their paces.

We had a running commentary on what was going on and how they trained for it and achieved the results. All our questions were answered and everyone came away with tips and hints that can be used in basic obedience.

It was very cold and pretty wet under foot. We were in fields and woods and had to walk through a flooded stream that was more like small fast flowing river. Sadly no pictures are available as it was just to wet to take the camera...

At one stage a dog was working under control, being directed to stop, go left, go right, over fences and it was a least half a mile away. It found the Dummy that had been planted 3 hours before and did a perfect retrieve to hand. Everyone enjoyed the morning and was utterly gob smacked at what these handlers can get the dogs to do. A big thank you to Kevin and Brendon for a super informative day.