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Charity Event Information For
The Injured Fire Fighters

  Important Information  

Friday 15th April 2011. 7.00 pm.

We are having a Charity night to raise funds for Injured Fire fighters. Mike Dewar from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue is bringing along three of his Fire Dogs: Echo, Anna and Lucy.

Echo and Anna are both search and rescue, (this is the dog that went out to the Haiti earthquake and searched out a two year old girl from under the rubble). Lucy is also coming; used to search for acclerants that have been used in a fire.

On the night:

You need a ticket to attend, see important information on how to get yours

Tickets Only £3.00 per person

We are looking forward to the event and hope to raise as much money as possible. We would appreciate all the support and fund raising we can get. Many Thanks From

Flixton Dog Training Club & The Injured Fire Fighter Fund.



Due to the size of the site, it is a 'Ticket Event'. These need to be purchased prior to the date. All money from the ticket sales will be used towards the fund raising, with the exception of the cost of the food on the night. Tickets are just £3.00 per person.

For information on getting your tickets to the event please email:

If you are unable to attend but would still like to donate please email:

We are still looking for more Local business to contribute towards the prizes for the raffle to help raise as much money for this great charity, no matter how big or small. If you can please email: