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A few helpful tips to help when considering being a dog owner.

Start off with your puppy as you mean to carry on. i.e. don’t let the puppy onto the couch if you don’t want to share the couch with it when it is fully grown.

Never throw sticks for a dog. Sticks have a habit of sticking into the ground on landing. Dogs run onto them with their mouths open. They can go through the roof of their mouth or puncture the back of their throat.

Make sure toys are safe and not that small they can be swallowed.

If you are leaving your puppy you could use a Kong which you can stuff with food to keep the pup occupied in your absence. Balls and cubes can also be purchased which you fill with biscuit and as the dog moves them around the food comes out.

Never leave a dog in a car in hot weather. The temperature inside a car rises very quickly and it can become a potential oven. It is against the law to leave a dog in a car in hot weather. Please be aware that conservatories and sheds can also become unbearably hot. If it is really sunny outside a dog needs shelter from the sun. It is also advisable to apply sun screen to exposed parts such as ears nose and tummy. Yes they can get sun burn.

Never cool your dog down by immersing it in cold water. Cool an overheated dog down gradually. A cool wet towel applied to different parts of the body is ideal.
If your dog is overheated and goes into cold water it will suffer from shock and it could result in the animal dying.

In hot and sunny weather be aware of the blue green alga that forms in the water. This is a toxin and makes dogs and humans very ill and could possible kill.

Please make sure when you are travelling with your dog that it is unable to interfere with the driver. Dogs are better travelled in a crate or restrained in some way. If your dog is sat on the back seat and you have to break hard there is a possibility that the dog could go through the front windscreen or hit you as it is propelled towards the front of the car. 

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